Mailing Address

Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
PO Box 669
Moss Beach, CA

Map, Address & Driving Directions

The street address of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is:
200 Nevada Ave., Moss Beach, CA 94038

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Park Map

Driving Directions

Email Addresses

Note: we appreciate your emails, and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as time permits. If you haven’t heard back from us in several days, please resend your message to remind us! Thanks in advance for your patience.

How to Contact Park Staff at the Reserve

The main entrance for the reserve, which includes the Ranger Station and parking lot, is located at 200 Nevada Ave, Moss Beach, CA 94038. The reserve opens at 8 a.m.; closing time varies seasonally and is posted. The Ranger Station is open during limited hours.

You can reach the ranger on duty, or leave a message for a return call, at (650) 728-3584. A phone recording, updated daily, reports the time and height of the day’s lowest tide.

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